Bone Spurs

Q: Hello, I would like to know what supplements you would recommend for bone spurs.

A: As you may know, a bone spur forms as the body tries to repair itself by building extra bone. It generally forms in response to pressure, rubbing, or stress that continues over a long period of time.

Some bone spurs form as part of the aging process. As we age, the slippery tissue called cartilage that covers the ends of the bones within joints breaks down and eventually wears away (osteoarthritis). Also, the discs that provide cushioning between the bones of the spine may break down with age. Over time, this leads to pain and swelling and, in some cases, bone spurs forming along the edges of the joint. Bone spurs due to aging are especially common in the joints of the spine and feet.

Bone spurs also form in the feet in response to tight ligaments, to activities such as dancing and running that put stress on the feet, and to pressure from being overweight or from poorly fitting shoes. For example, the long ligament on the bottom of the foot (plantar fascia) can become stressed or tight and pull on the heel, causing the ligament to become inflamed (plantar fasciitis). As the bone tries to mend itself, a bone spur can form on the bottom of the heel (known as a “heel spur”). Pressure at the back of the heel from frequently wearing shoes that are too tight can cause a bone spur on the back of the heel. This is sometimes called a “pump bump,” because it is often seen in women who wear high heels.

 Vitamin D3 aids in osteoporosis and bone reduction. 

My recommendation would be our Cell Repair Formula and Bone Mineral Formula.

The Cell Repair supports and enhances the natural healing process. Also, one of the treatments is NSAIDS…As you know, Raymond is opposed to that. The Cell Repair has a natural NSAID.  The Cell Repair also provides a natural solution for managing inflammation and protecting from the free radical damage that is inherent in every disease process. Stimulates cellular repair, reducing the effects of aging. Safer and more effective than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), inhibiting inflammation while encouraging tissue repair. A natural antihistamine, providing relief from seasonal or indoor allergy symptoms. Enhances the activity of the body’s natural killer cells, boosting immunity, anti-viral and anti-cancer defenses.

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