Coconut Oil for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

. . . beauty secrets from Polynesia

Traditional Polynesian women are known for flawless, smooth skin and thick, shiny hair, which persist into old age. What’s their secret? Apart from healthy diet and relative freedom from toxicity, it’s coconut oil. Home treatment with coconut oil is likely to produce better results than any skin or hair treatment in an expensive salon.   

A balance of various healthy oils in the diet is needed to keep the complexion soft and dewy — in fact dry skin is often a symptom of an oil deficiency. But the primary factor that ages skin is free radical damage. It is free radical damage that causes liver spots. Free radicals are also to blame for connective tissue breakdown, turning healthy, youthful skin that’s smooth, elastic and supple into aging skin that sags and wrinkles. In addition to including antioxidants in your diet, coconut oil, applied topically, prevents free-radical formation. This enables you to defy aging and maintain the complexion of your youth.

Many skin products plump up the skin in artificial ways — with water (which eventually evaporates) and toxic vegetable oils that actually promote free radical damage.

But just a tiny amount of coconut oil (don’t use enough to leave a residue) massaged into your face in the morning gives your complexion a youthful, shiny appearance, as it works over time to strengthen skin and underlying tissues. Coconut oil is also an exfoliant, encouraging the sloughing off of dead cells that tend to accumulate more as we age to reveal the newer, fresher looking skin beneath. In addition, coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that help the skin resist infection, and it can be used as a treatment for eruptions and rashes. In fact, any kind of skin lesion will heal much more rapidly with topical coconut oil. 

As a hair conditioner, coconut oil makes hair shiny and lustrous while it strengthens and thickens it by penetrating into the hair shaft, protecting it from protein loss as well as giving it body. Coconut oil has even been reported to clear up dandruff, restore graying hair to its original color, and encourage new hair growth.

For conditioning hair, work 1-2 tsp of warmed oil into your hair and scalp and leave it on as long as possible before washing — at least 15 minutes, although many leave it on an hour or more, even overnight. Rubbing a couple of drops into your hands and running them through your hair after a wash will add luster without making your hair look oily.

For more information, see two books by Bruce Fife: The Coconut Oil Miracle and Coconut Cures. Bruce Fife probably knows more about coconut oil than any other living being, and both of these books are chock full of his expertise. Coconut Cures, especially, should be on every bookshelf as a reference for treating over 80 different disease diagnoses with coconut oil.

Please remember that not any coconut oil on the market will do. Most coconut oils are the kind of processed oils I constantly warn you about. They’ve been refined and deodorized with bleach and solvents at high temperatures, destroying nutrients and introducing toxins. They’re often produced in unclean environments and use dried coconut (which tends to get moldy as well as oxidized) instead of fresh coconut meat. Even good oils can be ruined by exposure to metal in ships’ hulls, pipelines and pumps due to free-radical formation and loss of nutrients.

Beyond Health Coconut Oil is minimally processed (it is never heated) from 100% fresh coconut meat under extremely clean, pharmaceutical conditions. Every precaution is taken to preserve its natural vitamin E and other antioxidants, and additional beneficial nutrients. It is a completely different product from commonly found toxic coconut oils. It is the kind of coconut oil women in Pacific Island cultures have used for generations for beautiful skin and hair.   


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