Choose to Be Cancer-Free for Life!

 . . . the odds of getting cancer have never been worse, but you don’t need to be a victim!

Even if you don’t have a cancer diagnosis, I wrote Never Fear Cancer Again for you. You see, it’s predicted that almost half of all Americans WILL get cancer at some point in their life. Those are pretty frightening odds, and the odds keep getting worse.

Over the age of 50, 40% of men now have prostate cancer and 40% of women have breast cancer, and most don’t even know it.

Cancer is also striking people at younger and younger ages; in fact the fastest growing incidence of cancer in any age group is now among children. After accidents, cancer is the leading cause of death among children and those in their twenties and thirties.

To make matters worse, cancer treatments are agonizing, expensive and usually don’t work. At the time of diagnosis, three out of four cancers have already metastasized. Once this happens, conventional treatment is less than 1% effective.

But there’s some good news: the knowledge exists to prevent cancer and remain cancer-free for a lifetime. Cancer is not a thing; it is a process — a process that can be shut down, just like you turn off a lamp in your living room. The body makes cancer cells every day, and almost everyone, especially those over 50, have small clusters of cancer cells throughout their bodies. But they won’t bother you unless you drive them to grow and metastasize.  

How do you drive the cancer process forward? Or better, how do you make sure you don’t? There are various factors involved. But once you understand these factors, you’re in control.

Never Fear Cancer Again puts you in the driver’s seat — able to make cancer-preventing choices and remain cancer-free! Now available as an AUDIOBOOK, Never Fear Cancer Again is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to live a healthy, cancer-free life.  


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One thought on “Choose to Be Cancer-Free for Life!

  1. Hello.

    I would like to know where the statistics in the second paragraph, about 40% of men and women, over age 50, having cancer, come from. I would greatly appreciate knowing.

    Thank you for all the great information on the site, in the emails, and in the books!

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