Green Tea for Youthful Looking Skin

. . .  Used by traditional Japanese beauties

For at least a thousand years, Japanese women have known a secret for keeping their skin wrinkle-free and firm as they age: it’s a combination of drinking green tea and bathing in green tea! These days a great deal of scientific research is being done to learn why green tea is so very good for skin. One answer is its antioxidant effect.

Newsclip readers know that antioxidants are crucial for staying youthful as we age. One antioxidant in particular, glutathione, diminishes with age. Unfortunately it’s the most important antioxidant made in the body, and it’s difficult to replace with oral supplements. What we can do, however, is take glutathione precursors in oral supplement form (See Thiodox) to encourage its production. We can also eat lots of antioxidant-containing fresh fruits and vegetables and take an array of antioxidant supplements, including green tea and white tea (white tea is a more antioxidant-rich form of green tea), to bolster general antioxidant reserves. Finally we can also take specific antioxidant supplements like green tea and vitamin C that are capable of regenerating glutathione. (One of several reasons we urge most people struggling with an illness to take vitamin C in large doses is that vitamin C is one of the major regenerators of glutathione. As a component of collagen, it is also specifically good for strengthening skin and maintaining its youthful appearance.)

All of these ways of strengthening antioxidant defenses benefit and rejuvenate every cell in the body, including the skin, and heal from the inside out. Topical application of green tea and other antioxidants to the skin rejuvenates and heals from the outside in.  Where traditionally, Japanese women bathed in green tea, today green tea is used in face creams.  A 2005 study by Chiu of women with moderately sun-aged skin found that green tea in a topical cream significantly improved the skin’s elasticity. Green tea protects skin from sun, pollution, and the natural aging process, restoring softness and elasticity.

Our Green Tea/Ginkgo Moisturizer combines green tea with other antioxidants, such as Ginkgo Biloba, jojoba and chamomile, for a protective, healing and rejuvenating topical skin cream. Of course, like all Beyond Health personal care products, Green Tea/Ginkgo Moisturizer has no harmful ingredients like parabens, etc., and has been fully approved as a safe and effective choice.

Also be sure to drink a cup or more a day of our green tea or white tea. Both are particularly high in antioxidants and low in fluoride (excessive amounts of fluoride are a problem in most teas on today’s market).

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