Cancer and pH

. . .  “Cancer thrives in an acid environment and does not survive in a normal alkaline environment.” – Never Fear Cancer Again 

In my book Never Fear Cancer Again, I discuss various factors, all within our control, that either turn the cancer process on or turn it off.  pH is one of these factors.

pH is a measure along a continuum that runs from highly acid to highly alkaline. The pH of our body fluids, especially the fluids in and around our cells, needs to be slightly alkaline in order for cells to function normally. Abnormal pH causes cells to malfunction, resulting in cancer as well as a host of other diseases and dysfunctions including fatigue, water retention, loss of muscle tone, poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, agitation and depression, hormone issues, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, liver and gallbladder disease, and low immunity/various infections.

Getting ample oxygen into the body’s cells is crucial in preventing and defeating cancer, and even a small change in pH can have a large effect on the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and the ability of the cells to absorb oxygen. A slightly alkaline pH can absorb and carry more than 100 times more oxygen than a slightly acidic pH. When fluids inside and outside the cell become oxygen-deprived, cell walls begin to lose their integrity. This damages their ability to transport oxygen in and keep cancer-causing toxins out. Once inside the cell, cancer-causing toxins damage DNA, causing mutations and uncontrolled cell growth.

In addition, pH controls the production and speed of many of the body’s enzymes, which control important chemical reactions. pH also governs gene expression; different pH levels give different signals and instructions, getting different results from the same genes.

Although extreme alkalinity can be problematic too, we are far more likely to be too acidic. Early in human history, our diet was composed mainly of uncultivated, raw plant foods which had an alkalizing effect, nicely balancing the acidifying effect of much of our metabolism. However the modern diet has introduced a host of acidifying elements — refined sugar, excessive amounts of animal protein and grain, and highly-acidifying colas and other soft drinks — while consumption of vegetation has greatly diminished. Also chronic stress, environmental toxins, most prescription drugs, allergic reactions, chronic dehydration and chronic infections each increases body acidity. Cancer cells compound the problem by producing additional acids.

To normalize our pH by restoring alkalinity, we need to return to a plant-based diet. Fresh fruits and especially vegetables should become the centerpiece of our cuisine. Vegetable juices and blended drinks are especially recommended. These can be supplemented with legumes and pulses, nuts and seeds, the good fats and small amounts of animal protein and grain.

Most people will also need to take supplementary minerals. Potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese are all alkalizing minerals. One way the body attempts to restore pH balance to an overly acidic system is by robbing the bones of minerals. Our current epidemic of osteoporosis is fundamentally a problem of over-acidity. Taking calcium alone will not solve the problem and may even cause more problems, but taking a balanced formula of minerals in highly bioavailable forms, such as Beyond Health’s Bone Support, will help to preserve bone and reduce systemic acidity. Additional alkalizing minerals and elements are found in Beyond Health’s powdered vitamin C and the Beyond Health Multi.

You can test your pH by using pH paper. See my article “pH is Critical” for how to do this and for more information on pH.  If diet and supplementary minerals are not enough to keep your pH on track, many people have found taking extra magnesium combined with choline citrate once or twice a day has made a crucial difference. This is because most of us who’ve experienced damage to our guts by antibiotics and poor diet have difficulty absorbing of magnesium. Choline citrate taken along with the magnesium facilitates its absorption. When ordering, ask for our handout of instructions on taking this combination.

Balancing your pH has immediate rewards — more energy, greater feelings of well-being, both calm and vitality — while long term, you’ll be preventing cancer and other forms of degenerative disease.

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3 thoughts on “Cancer and pH

  1. If ph is best alkaline, doesn’t high doses of vitamin C do just the opposite? Some practitioners have arrested cancer with massive IV doses of C.

  2. I have been considering purchasing a Kangen ionized water machine. I have extensively online the good and bad. What are your thoughts?

  3. Dr. Francis, this information is so vital and useful!
    Thank you for laying it out so clearly that anyone can understand it. I plan to start monitoring my own pH tomorrow morning, now that I know how and how to read the results.
    May you be blessed with long life and health as you continue your important work.

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