Rebounding and the Lymph System

Question: What do they mean when they say rebounding is good for the lymph system?

D. E. – Louisville, KY

Answer:   Rebounding helps to drain the lymph system.  One thing that gets little attention from modern medicine, unless something goes wrong with it, is the lymphatic system.  Yet this system is critical to health and we have to care for it.  More than just the lymph vessels and nodes, the lymph system also includes the tonsils and adenoids as well as the spleen, appendix and thymus gland.  Lymph vessels carry all kinds of toxins and wastes from cells and tissues.  Encouraging this process is essential for health and critical for restoring health.

If the circulatory system is like the water system coming into your house, the lymphatic system is like the drainage system leaving your house.  What would happen to your house if all the drains plugged up?  Pretty messy!  The same thing happens in your body, and today’s sedentary lifestyle does not encourage lymphatic drainage.  Almost everyone can use some help in this regard.

Rebounding is enormously beneficial to lymphatic flow.  The circulatory system has the heart to pump and move the blood.  The lymph system relies mostly on muscle movement to encourage flow.  Our ancestors did a lot of physical work so they did not have worry about this, but we do.  Lymphatic drainage is one reason why exercise is so beneficial to health.  In rebounding, a hydraulic pressure is created by going from a state of weightlessness at the top of the bounce to landing at twice the force of gravity at the bottom.  This moves the lymphatic fluid, while one way valves in the vessels prevent the fluid from moving backwards.  Daily rebounding has proven beneficial in alleviating all manner of disease problems including allergies, infections, sinus conditions, edema, inflammation and skin conditions.

Look at it this way, if your drain pipes are working efficiently and toxins are being moved out of the system, the system is going to be cleaner, work better, and give you better health.  In addition, rebounding will also help to strengthen bones and muscles.  Best of all, rebounding is done in the privacy of your home, takes only a few minutes a day, and can be done while watching TV.  Most rebounders are not properly constructed and can do harm to nerves and joints.  If you want to improve lymphatic drainage, call Beyond Health to get one of my approved rebounders.  I rebound almost every day and I encourage everyone to do the same.

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