Gut Bacteria: Link to Obesity?

. . . can your gut’s microflora impact your weight?

Anyone who’s ever tried losing weight and failed knows just how hard it is. Whether it’s the latest diet craze, workout routine, prescription drug, or hypnosis program…the most popular solutions do little to help you drop weight and keep it off. In fact, most people are disappointed to discover that all their hard work actually added a few pounds.

So it’s no surprise the latest statistics from the American Heart Association indicate the epidemic of overweight Americans continues uninterrupted. It revealed that 23.9 million children ages 19 and under and 154.7 million men and women ages 20 and above are overweight or obese.

These numbers are staggering considering we’ve written before on how significant weight gain has serious consequences on one’s health. Overweight and obese people suffer much greater incidences of diseases—including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, stroke, cataracts, and gallstones.

However, a new study sheds some new light on weight loss and offers renewed hope to millions looking to drop excess pounds permanently.

Weight loss mystery one step closer to being solved

You’ve heard us say your gut flora plays a significant role in preventing disease. But could knowing this prove useful in helping a person lose significant weight? Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis decided to test this theory against the condition of obesity.

They set out to see if the different kinds of bacteria living in your gut could help promote obesity or prevent it. So they transplanted gut bacteria from four sets of human twins—each including one obese sibling and one lean sibling—into the intestines of segregated mice, and watched for changes. All else being equal, the mice receiving gut bacteria from the obese twin gained more weight.

Knowing that mice eat their own poop, they then put the mice together in the same cage so they could “swap” intestinal bugs. In due time, bacteria from the lean mice invaded the intestines of the heavier mice…and they began dropping weight! Yet the lean mice stayed the same. Surprisingly, when the fatter mice were fed a higher-fat, lower-fiber diet typical of Americans, the beneficial bug swap didn’t take place. Why?

Previous studies on humans showed obese people have less gut bacteria diversity, but also an ongoing “potential” for good bacteria to move in if nourished appropriately. Upon closer examination of the “fatter” mice that benefited from the bug swap, a specific type of good bacteria—from a family named Bacteroidetes—indeed set up shop in previously unoccupied zones in their colons. But only when they ate a healthy diet.

This study strongly suggests the key to healthy weight resides in your gut…and starts with nurturing your good bacteria.

Here at Beyond Health, we couldn’t be more pleased that science is once again proving what we’ve been saying all along…all disease is impacted by the composition—and subsequent health—of your gut flora. When you nurture the good bacteria by eating healthy, exercising, reducing toxins, and replenishing the good bacteria with our premium quality Beyond Health Probiotic Formula, you may finally be able to drop those unwanted pounds and keep them off.


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