Our Sugar Addiction…It’s Anything But Sweet

. . . sugar is a dangerous food substance and a major reason Americans are aging faster

By now, you’ve heard how bad sugar is for your health. Recent studies link excess refined sugar to over a dozen health conditions, among them heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, and dementia.

Now, scientists have further proof that sugar is toxic—even at levels considered safe for humans. Researchers at the University of Utah showed that when mice ate a diet of 25% added sugar—the same proportions considered safe for humans—females were 100% more likely to die and males were 25% less likely to reproduce.

How significant are the toxic effects of sugar revealed in this study? It had such a profound effect on its senior author and biology professor Wayne Potts that he has since reduced the amount of refined sugar he eats and cautions his family to do the same.

How bad is it?

Check out this popular sugar infographic by OnlineNursingPrograms.com. Estimates show the average American consumes 153 grams of refined sugar daily. That’s a whopping 130 lbs. per person—or the equivalent of about 32 four-pound bags of granulated sugar—each year!

Of course, only about a fifth of our total refined sugar intake is from table sugar, or sucrose. The remaining 80 percent comes from the dozens of processed foods manufacturers hide this “poison” in. Yet today’s deceitful marketing tactics make it tough to read labels and know which foods contain refined sugar, and in what quantities.

However, you may recognize any number of its disguises…like sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, fructose, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, honey, barley malt, rice syrup, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup…the list goes on. Clearly, this label “chaos” benefits food manufacturers, but harms unsuspecting consumers.

But no matter what you call it, excess sugar is still highly toxic to the body.

The dark side of sugar

From the studies above, you can see that sugar is tied to multiple diseases. Here’s just a short list of sugar dangers responsible for these diseases. Yet, there’s a dark side of sugar you may not have heard of. One that can shave years off your life.

Whether it’s immune suppression…acidosis…inflammation…glycation…allergies…or any number of destructive mechanisms, the damage sugar causes accumulates in the body. It’s this cumulative effect of sugar inside your body that drives significant chronic disease and guarantees you’ll age quicker than your years.

A second evil of sugar

By now, you might be convinced of sugar’s extreme toxicity in your body. On top of that, it’s completely void of nutrition—no vitamins, no minerals, no fiber, and no enzymes. Yet even if you’re ready to kick sugar to the curb, you’ve still got a major hurdle to overcome.

According to a recent study—sugar more addictive than cocaine! That’s right. It may be just as tough for you to kick your sugar addiction—eating processed foods with high refined sugar content—as it is to kick any other substance abuse habit.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘is sugar addictive’, a new study out suggests yes. Harvard researchers tested certain processed foods to see if refined sugar causes a biological addiction in humans. These foods—like white flour, white potatoes, and refined corn starch—are notorious for elevating blood sugar levels even more than table sugar. And what did researchers find? These high glycemic foods triggered a significant increase of activity in the region of the brain—called the nucleus accumbens—that controls other addictions, like gambling or drug abuse.

It explains why so many Americans cave in to their sugar cravings and by doing so, resign themselves to a short life plagued by disease. Is sugar addictive? Seems so.

“Just say no”

However, reversing the inevitable addiction starts with identifying the most obvious sugar dangers—those foods containing this poisonous substance—and eliminating them.

The easiest rule of thumb is to stay away from anything processed or man-made…period. At a minimum, avoid these popular offenders for high sugar content: sodas, baked goods, candy, fruit drinks, cereals, refined grains, canned goods, condiments, dairy—and especially anything with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in it.

Whether it’s used in baking, or found in dozens of common products, sugar in its various forms is the source of a wide range of diseases and even early death among Americans. Ban it from grocery cart, pantry, kitchen, or table—and you’ll be well on your way toward optimal health.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us in the comment section what you are doing to avoid the toxic effects of sugar.


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  1. “This article blew me away. I grew up drinking coke as my “water” and to top it off hardly eat fruits and sleep nearby a most polluted road breathing dirty fumes night and day. I even went to doc because i had become so acidic but nothing has been done i just left the residence. I read alot of articles and health benefiting guidelines but this article simply explains it in unhidden manner in straightforward way.
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