Heads Up! Fake Dietary Supplements Selling on Amazon

. . . you may be putting your health at risk by buying counterfeit nutritional products from third party sellers

Word is out that Amazon.com is selling counterfeit nutritional supplements to unsuspecting customers.

As reported by NaturalNews.com, third-party sellers have hijacked Amazon in three big ways by:

  • Selling counterfeit dietary supplements under the guise of brand name manufacturers’ products. These fraudulent companies repeatedly and successfully sell numerous fake nutritional products. How? By unlawfully using the copyrighted or patented names of popular supplement companies and their products to market their counterfeit formulas.
  • Receiving a high user rating from Amazon for its fake products. These counterfeit operations exploit the customer’s trust when Amazon unknowingly assigns their products high star ratings. Customers assume these fake products are rated on use. But in fact, Amazon has a policy of assigning the same high-star rating to ALL products it believes are identical to any original manufacturer’s products that have received a high-star rating from actual users.
  • Getting original manufacturers banned from Amazon.com. You see, Amazon’s anti-counterfeiting policy states that they will terminate a company’s selling privileges on Amazon if they determine their products were illegally manufactured. So, any anonymous seller can report a legitimate manufacturer for selling their own products as counterfeit. As one reputable supplement manufacturer revealed, “…an unknown seller reported us to Amazon for selling [our own] counterfeit products… and Amazon banned us.”

Sounds crazy, right? Yet it’s true.

Amazon has finally been exposed for being unable to distinguish between the original products of legitimate manufacturers and the fake products of counterfeit manufacturers. To be clear, Amazon.com does not appear to be responsible for the counterfeit sales. However, it’s a wake-up call to consumers regarding Amazon’s inability—and even unwillingness—to police this fraudulent activity of perhaps thousands of third-party sellers of nutritional supplements on their site.

Yet no surprise here, considering Amazon takes a cut of every sale on its website…regardless of whether the product is genuine or counterfeit!

While this kind of dishonesty hurts manufacturers, consumers like you pay a heavy price as well. How? By facing greater health risks with consuming impotent formulas…wasting your money buying costly inferior products…paying higher prices for legitimate supplements…and putting up with even greater confusion over the value of nutritional products.

Yet this isn’t the first time your trust has been betrayed.

We’ve written previously on multiple occasions how the FDA, Big Ag, and their cronies in mainstream medicine, along with a growing list of unscrupulous nutritional companies, have hijacked our food and supplement industries.

How so?

By either downplaying their incredible benefits— as we show here with coconut oil, fish oil, anti-oxidant supplements, and vitamin supplements (page 4)—or exaggerating their claims as healthy—as we indicate here with phony olive oils, highly processed milk, trans fats, genetically engineered foods, and food additives.

We’re not surprised consumers are frustrated and confused about using nutrition to heal or prevent disease. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Bottom line: Do not buy nutritional supplements from untrustworthy sources

Our readers know they are at a great advantage. Because at Beyond Health, we insist on showing transparency on two distinct fronts…when writing about health and nutrition, and when offering you products to meet your body’s nutritional requirements.

First, we go to great lengths to explain to our readers how nutrients work in the body. As an example, all Beyond Health supplements include the most biologically active forms of nutrients with the very highest purity. The synthetic forms used by most manufacturers often exhibit very low levels of useful activity and usually contain numerous contaminants. Yet there’s a problem with some bioactive forms. They tend to have a short half-life (the amount of time it takes for half the nutrient to be depleted from the bloodstream). In these cases, we supply precursor forms of the nutrient too. The body will use up the bioactive form first, and if it needs more, it will draw upon the precursor form. Few manufacturers do this.

Secondly, we investigate our suppliers thoroughly to assure their processes and products always meet or exceed our strict requirements for safety, purity, bioavailability, and cost-effectiveness. Why? So you can rest assured that you’re getting a reliable supply of the highest quality nutrients most essential to the body.

The bottom line is this. We formulate our supplements with such care and attention to detail, that they simply work better! You not only feel it in your body, but experience it in better health.

And yes, some of our products cost more than those of other, second-rate nutritional companies. But remember, no matter how little you pay for an inferior product, a supplement that doesn’t work is the most expensive supplement you can buy. Beyond Health supplements in extraordinarily bioavailable forms with superior biological activity simply offer the best value. And now…we even guarantee it!

Still not sure?

Then go here now to see how we’ve made it easy to get well and stay well by giving you a few guidelines for choosing the right supplements. Or, clear up any confusion once and for all when you get your own copy of our FREE special report called The Roadmap to Choosing Supplements.

Then, armed with the truth about nutritional supplements and one of our popular Beyond Health Wellness Kits, you’ll be on your way toward choosing a life of optimal health.

Got any experiences buying ineffective supplements from third-party sellers? Or, do you feel you are benefitting from switching to Beyond Health products? You can help our readers avoid a lot of grief by sharing your experiences in the comments section below.



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