Saunas and Your Heart

LoveIf you want to be healthy in today’s toxic world, doing regular saunas is no longer a luxury—it’s indispensable. That’s why Dr. Sherry Rogers, author of Detoxify or Die! says that saunas have now become a “household necessity.” If you don’t own your own, at least join a health club or gym that has one.

Unlike the old “steam bath” saunas that left you feeling like a wet noodle, taking an infrared sauna is an extremely pleasant experience. Infrared waves warm you without heating the ambient air, which remains warm and dry rather than hot and wet. And detoxification is only one of many benefits you’ll probably receive. People who sauna frequently report improved immunity, less joint stiffness, speedy recovery from injuries, reduced cellulite, decreased pain, more beautiful skin and weight loss to name a few.

Saunas are also wonderful for your heart. The heat promotes blood flow (circulation) just as exercise does, reportedly from a normal rate of 5-7 quarts per minute to as much as 13 quarts per minute. In fact, simply sitting in a sauna gives you a cardiovascular workout, strengthening your heart—a true blessing for anyone who is unable to exercise.

Further, giving hamsters repeated sauna treatments greatly increased nitric oxide synthase in their artery linings. Nitric oxide synthase produces nitric oxide, which dilates arteries, lowering blood pressure. In a later human study, men and women with chronic heart failure were given 15-minute saunas daily at about 140 degrees Fahrenheit followed by half an hour of bed rest. Their cardiovascular symptoms improved in a way that suggested increased nitric oxide was the cause.

Overall, the kind of conditioning your cardiovascular system gets from regular saunas promotes blood vessels that are both flexible and strong.

If you really want to go first class, do what Raymond Francis is doing. After using the same Sunlighten sauna for 20 years, Raymond is treating himself to an upgrade. He’s getting the new Sunlighten Signature IV Series. The Signature Series ranges from the smallest one-person sauna (I) to a very large (IV) sauna with an interior space that’s more than 6 feet long and 4 feet deep—ample space for even Raymond’s tall frame. And although all the Signature Series saunas offer the same basic features, the IV also offers a very cool ergonomic reclining bench—the regular bench can buckle up to resemble a lounge chair!

All the Signature saunas are beautiful additions to your home, solidly made and easy to assemble. They’re available in our preferred wood, hypoallergenic basswood, and their low EMF technology makes them extremely safe. Each has a Blaupunkt sound system and a programmable timer that you can preset so your sauna is ready when you are.

You can also replace interior lighting with colored lights (Chromotherapy) and/or adapt the bench for Acoustic Resonance Therapy, which involves both music and vibrations, or remove the bench and do yoga in your sauna.

In short, there are many reasons you’re going to be glad you invested in this very enjoyable way to improve your health.


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