Don’t Get That Cold or Flu!

5047355_lIt’s flu season again, but you don’t need to get caught by a cold or the flu. The truth is, healthy people don’t get colds. Many people in traditional healthy cultures live well past a hundred without getting a single cold. Here’s what you need to do:

Build your immunity daily with the Beyond Health Wellness Kit appropriate for you (call our office at 800-250-3063 if you don’t know which one to take), 8-10 glasses of pure water, exercise that produces a sweat (and/or take regular saunas), and a good, sugar-free, alkalinizing diet. Get your vitamin D levels tested; if they aren’t in the high-normal range, include 1-2 capsules of Beyond Health vitamin D3 in your daily supplement program and retest every 3 months until they are. Minimize stress, avoid allergens (they tax the immune system), and try to get a good night’s sleep every night.

This should keep your immunity in tip-top shape—ready to throw off any viruses that come its way.

However, because life isn’t perfect, and neither are we, if you notice signs of an impending infection, take the following additional steps to support your immune system as soon as possible:

Other supplements that can be helpful are vitamin A, probiotics, and garlic (raw garlic is good too).

If your vitamin D levels aren’t high normal, take 50,000 IU (that’s 10 capsules of Beyond Health’s Vitamin D3) per day for 2 days, and then 1 capsule per day thereafter until the cold is gone.

Vitamin D is critical to many immune functions. When confronted by a pathogen almost all immune cells put up little antennae called vitamin D receptors (VDRs) attracting vitamin D. Vitamin D then rushes to their aid and is a necessary factor in helping them make potent antimicrobials that kill off bacteria, viruses and fungi. Yet insufficiencies in this vital nutrient are common.

If supplementing, make sure you’re getting the best. A 2013 study, tested 12 different brands and found huge discrepancies between amounts listed on the label and what was actually in the pills (9%-146%!)

At Beyond Health, we go the extra mile to make sure our label accurately describes what’s in the pill. We also make sure that the molecules in the pill are the very same molecules that the body wants and uses. This is because our goal isn’t to sell you pills; it’s to support your good health!


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