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45230098_lIn the past twenty years, we’ve been heartened to see a growing interest in health as more and more people realize they don’t need to have allergies or get frequent colds every winter; to be fatigued or have digestive issues; and that they can even reverse serious illnesses without drugs. They’re jumping on the health bandwagon, and we’re happy to provide them with accurate, science-based information as well as premium health-supporting products.

Raymond has written four additional books to address significant health challenges of our time. Never Be Fat Again provides a deep understanding of and a solution to the national epidemic of obesity. Never Fear Cancer Again teaches you how to prevent or “turn off” the process leading to this dreaded disease. Never Feel Old Again argues that you don’t need to fall victim to chronic disease as you age, and shows how to make every year of your life a healthy, productive, enjoyable one. Finally, The Great American Health Hoax updates Never Be Sick Again with a user-friendly “maintenance list” for checking and addressing dysfunctions before they lead to a diagnosable disease.

In 2009, Beyond Health relocated from San Rafael, California to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and “we” now include:

Paula, Operations Manager. Paula’s background is in transportation for the elderly and disabled, but she became especially interested in health when her husband developed and unfortunately later died of liver cancer. She had been impressed by Beyond Health from website searches, and was intrigued when she saw a job posting in the paper. Paula has welcomed the opportunity to learn more and more about health and to help others with her growing expertise. Meanwhile, she oversees everything that goes on at Beyond Health with consummate skill, grace, and good humor.

Phil, Shipping Manager. Phil was already very healthy before finding Beyond Health and immediately identified with Beyond Health’s mission. An ex-Marine, he loves all kinds of outdoor exercise, from kayaking to fishing to hiking to distance running. His wife, two daughters and a son also make health a priority. His oldest daughter’s diet rivals even Raymond’s, and his high-school aged son is already preparing to become a Navy Seal. If you frequently order from Beyond Health you’ve noticed we make very few shipping errors—that’s Phil’s expert quality control.

Alex, Marketing and Graphic Designer. Alex was also already health-conscious when he arrived at Beyond Health and had worked at different health-oriented companies in the past. He was drawn to Beyond Health’s premium products and the message behind the brand. They inspire him to produce a “premium look” to showcase our products. He has brought new interest, dynamism and color to our website, and a quirky sense of humor to marketing pieces. He likes working for small companies that have a “family feel.”

Pamela, Researcher and Writer. Although she remained in California, Pamela is still very much part of the Beyond Health team. Healthier and happier, she became a Certified Nutritionist and continues to find her work for Beyond Health the “meaningful paid work” she had hoped to find.

With several Customer Service Representatives and Assistants, Beyond Health’s Staff continues to strive to help people learn that “Health is a Choice, Not a Chance.”

It has been quite a change for Raymond, who had been accustomed to operating at the highest levels of international business and government, to start and run a small business. In some ways it’s been even more challenging, and certainly often humbling. But working with a small, loyal group has had its rewards, and through it all, the mission itself has been sustaining.

Now almost eighty, although in excellent health, you’d think he might want to retire. But he continues to be inspired by the many people who write and call to thank him because they’ve brought themselves back to health from cancer and other disabling illnesses by reading his books and taking our products. He’s also been encouraged by scientists he respects like Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Russell Jaffe and Dr. Edgar Mitchell (a NASA astronaut who walked on the moon) who have praised his work Dr. Mitchell recently called Raymond a “brilliant, advanced thinker and an international treasure!” His books have recently been selected to be sold at all national airports and at Rite-Aid Pharmacies, and invitations from around the world to speak continue to provide him with new opportunities to teach more people how to get well and stay well, spread his message that health is a choice and work to change our obsolete medical paradigm.

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Health ― Our Story ― The Present

  1. My husband, Don, and I own and operate two radio stations. I am reading the second of your books. I am interested in broadcasting some of your old radio archives. I would also be interested in talking to you, Dr. Francis. My office number is 503-316-1220 and my cell phone is 503-999-9201.My email is below. Thank you and blessings…. Cindy Wyant

    • Hello Cindy!

      We can see what options are available and speak further on this matter. Please call our office @ 800-250-3063 9 am to 5 pm (EST).

      Thank you 🙂

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