First Step on the Journey: Make Up Your Mind

In 2017, we invite you to join Beyond Health’s Journey to Optimal Health. Each month we will be focusing on an important step in this journey. This month’s focus is on THE MIND.

The beginning of any new enterprise begins in the mind, as we decide what we want to achieve. It’s recommended that you begin a journal, either hand-written or on your computer. Nothing elaborate—just just a few notes to record important discoveries and commitments.

Start out by being honest with yourself. What do you truly want in terms of your health? Is it to be able to run a quarter mile easily, feeling agile and strong? To wear a slinky dress to a party and feel sexy and attractive? To feel proud of your body in a swimsuit next summer? To have enough energy and stamina to play with your grandchildren? Or just to feel truly well and vital?

Take a moment to feel out an answer to the question: “What do I really want?

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. This is important because often what preoccupies us tends to get bigger in our lives. For example, if you want to be pain-free, think about feeling comfortable, flexible and easy in your joints rather than “pain-free.” Anchor the experience by noticing how you already feel in joints that aren’t a problem. Imagine feeling the same way in all your joints.

Now write down in one phrase or sentence what it is that you want. As an example: “I want a slender, strong, attractive, and healthy body.”

Spend a little time allowing yourself to have and enjoy what you want in your imagination. What would you be doing? How would it feel?

Then ask yourself another question: What are the three most important things I can start doing differently tomorrow to move towards what I want?

There are obviously many things anyone has to do to be healthy. But, without deliberating too long, there are probably at least three things that jump out at you as habits you could change that would make a real difference in moving you towards what you want. List them in your journal.


  1. Walk briskly for one hour at least 5 days a week.

  2. Cut out all refined sugar from my diet and replace sugary snacks with 2 pieces of fruit a day.

  3. Order Never Be Fat Again by Raymond Francis. When it arrives, read ½ hour a day.

If you choose to, commit yourself to doing these three things over the next two weeks.

At the start of your day, and at any time throughout the day, spend a minute or two with your eyes closed envisioning and enjoying having attained what you want in your imagination. . . . Yes, you fully deserve to have what you want!

Review your three commitments at the end of your day. If you completed them, be proud. If you didn’t, be proud of being engaged in a constructive process, and renew your intention to complete them the next day.

To be continued in two weeks . . . meanwhile, we would love to hear about any experiences you have with this process!

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