How Are You Doing on Your Health Journey?

How are you doing on your 2017 Journey to Optimal Health?

Here we’ll answer some questions we’ve received from readers who’ve accepted Beyond Health’s invitation to join us in getting stronger and healthier this year. For anyone who hasn’t been following along, our Health Journey began January 2, 2017. All NewsClips about it are available on the Beyond Health Blog.  Each month, we’ll focus on one more step along the path.

January’s Step #1 – Make Up Your Mind concerns using the mind to achieve health goals as well as nourishing and caring for those “little grey cells” that compose our brains. In the first week, we invited readers to create an intention to be recited aloud at the beginning and end of each day as an instruction to the subconscious mind; then to select three things to start doing differently that would help to realize this intention.

Some people reported having problems formulating a single intention when they wanted many different things – to lose weight, to have improved digestion, to be free from arthritic pain, etc.  Yet they found repeating lots of different intentions cumbersome. Others wondered how often to change an intention.

Our suggestion is K-I-S-S — “keep-it-simple-sweetheart.” The subconscious doesn’t do well with complicated instructions, so create one intention that encompasses all your wellness desires: I’m getting stronger and healthier every day,” “More and more, I move into my ideal weight and perfect health,” or “My body functions with ease and perfection, creating radiant health.”

This doesn’t preclude doing affirmations during the day if you want. For example, when you’re eating, or just before you eat, you could say or think, “I give thanks for perfect digestion.” While you’re exercising, you could affirm “I’m getting stronger every day.”

But as you recite your intention in the morning and at night, K-I-S-S . . . . and remember to feel it in your body.

It may take some experimentation to find an intention that feels powerful and right, but once you’ve settled on one, stick with it over time.  Raymond Francis reports that he used his intention, “I’m getting stronger and healthier every day,” for about a year before he felt his subconscious had internalized this message and he didn’t need to “instruct” it anymore.

It can take a while for an intention to start creating real change. Raymond repeated his intention for some time without experiencing any tangible results. Then one morning, when he was still feeling miserable, his morning intentions led to suddenly feeling great!  Although it lasted only ten minutes, it was striking enough to encourage him to keep going.  As we now know, by repeating his intentions, taking high-quality supplements, and following the lifestyle he developed (now called the Beyond Health lifestyle), Raymond eventually recovered from very serious and debilitating health problems, and as he approaches the age of 80 feels great.

To learn more about the Beyond Health lifestyle, including using the mind for healing, see any of Raymond’s books.


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