The Power of Intention

Have you joined us on Beyond Health’s 2017 Journey to Optimal Health? If you missed our January 2nd NewsClips, check our Blog for Step #1.

This month we’re focusing on THE MIND, which is where every major change begins. Step #1 began with becoming aware of what you want in terms of better health, creating an intention to get it, and committing to making three concrete changes toward realizing that intention.

This week, we’ll spend a little more time on the power of intention.

Decades of research has shown that human intention can directly influence cell chemistry, leading to either health or disease.

In fact, every thought, attitude, feeling and belief we have has a physical consequence, triggering the release of chemical messengers that control our cell chemistry. If we believe that it’s impossible to get well, this message gets communicated throughout our body thwarting its natural inclination to heal. On the other hand, believing we will get well supports every cell in our body to fulfill that expectation.

The mind is extremely powerful. In Never Be Sick Again, Raymond Francis says that “even when nutrients are scarce and toxins abundant, one’s potential for health is nearly limitless” thanks to the power of the mind. As Jesse Jackson has said, “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.”

Much of our mind has been pre-programmed for us since childhood, often detrimentally so, and is now unconscious. But the good news is that through conscious intentions we have the power to re-program our unconscious mind and thus dramatically impact our health for the better.

The trick is to speak to the unconscious in language it understands. Your intentions should be clear and simple and stated in present tense.  For example, “I am slender, strong and bursting with energy.”

The more emotionally invested you are in your intentions, and the more you can actually “taste” the experience of them, the better.

Say what you want, not what you don’t want. Don’t say, “I’m getting rid of ugly flab,” but “I’m sculpting a firm, toned body.”  The unconscious responds to pictures; if you picture ugly flab, it will try to give you more ugly flab!

Say each intention out loud, with enthusiasm—like you mean it and believe it, at least five times, each time being more emphatic.  Picture what you say and believe it. Say it when you wake up, before you go to bed, and often throughout the day.  Consider saying it aloud to people you trust. Create affirmations that support it in the midst of activities. For example: “As I lift these weights, I’m getting stronger every day.”

As you work with an intention, you may find you want to change it to become clearer or more true to what you really want and what motivates you.

Keep affirming your intention regardless of results. You are giving your unconscious instructions; it may not “get it” right away, but if you persist, you will have an effect!

Francis, R. Never Be Sick Again. (Deerfield Beach, Fl: Health Communications, Inc, 2002), 197.

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