Warning: Eating Food May be Harmful to Your Health!

This month, it’s all about toxins. According to our founder, Raymond Francis, there is only one disease, malfunctioning cells, and only two reasons cells malfunction: either they don’t have the right materials to work with (deficiency) or they’re being disrupted with the wrong materials (toxins) that interfere with normal cell function.

The barrage of manmade toxic chemicals we encounter today is unprecedented, and it’s taking a huge toll on our health.

Though it’s still possible to be healthy for life, it takes knowledge and effort—avoiding as many toxins as you can, and using strategies to detoxify your body from those you can’t avoid.

We’ve talked about detoxifying your home with air and water filters and recommended detoxing with frequent infrared saunas.

But with all the fuss about environmental toxins, you might be surprised to learn that the most potent source of toxins for almost everyone today is digesting and metabolizing food!

In making energy from food, the body produces loads of toxic free radicals that need to be quenched with antioxidants. Before the 20th century and the dawn of “better living through chemistry,” both antioxidants in food and those that the body made were enough to take care of this.

But today, environmental toxins deplete antioxidants while our modern diets are low in them—the need is up; the supply is down. Supplementation with antioxidant vitamins like A, C, D, E, and K have become essential. For older folk or anyone with an existing disease, additional supplements, like our Carotene, Age Defense, Cell Repair, Glutathione, Adrenal Support, Allergy Defense, Liver Care, and Curcumin formulas are highly recommended.

Meanwhile, any food that isn’t completely digested and absorbed becomes a toxin. Inadequate digestion can result from:

1) not chewing food adequately, 2) eating under stress, 3) improper food combining, 4) depletion of digestive enzymes from eating too much-cooked food, 5) insufficient stomach acid (a condition that often accompanies aging), and 6) lack of healthy microbes in the gut.

A healthy microbial gut population helps digest food and dispose of chemical wastes.  But antibiotics and other medications and aspects of our modern lifestyle and diet have wreaked havoc with the probiotic population in almost everyone’s intestines. This also allows for overgrowth of harmful microbes that erode gut linings, creating “leaky gut” and malabsorption problems. This leads to the allergies and food intolerances that have become so common, which cause the body to react to healthy foods as if they were toxins, producing inflammatory, (toxic) by-products.

Almost everyone should be taking a potent probiotic, like our Probiotic Formula, especially if you’re having digestive problems. (Get only the best, since the helpful bugs in most probiotic supplements are DOA—dead on arrival.)

You may also need supplemental digestive enzymes or even a supplement like ProGest that replaces both stomach acid and enzymes.

It’s important to address problems with digestion, not only for your own comfort but to prevent burdening your body with additional toxins. If you need help, consult us or a functional medicine health practitioner skilled in dealing with digestive issues.


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3 thoughts on “Warning: Eating Food May be Harmful to Your Health!

  1. I love your informative emails. Do u ever do webinars? Would be very interested.
    Thank u for all u do to keep America healthy, Sue Buscemi

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