You May Be Thwarting Your Best Efforts to Get Healthy

You’re eating better than ever. You’ve managed to establish a regular exercise routine. You’re taking the Beyond Health multivitamin and maybe even a few more high-quality supplements. But something’s still missing.  You may feel OK, better than you did, but not great—not the way you hoped you were going to feel when you started making positive changes in your life.

Well, you can make a lot of positive changes and still be weighed down by one thing: TOXINS!

As we’ve been saying this month, the 20th century saw the introduction of hundreds of thousands of new toxic chemicals into our lives. The rules of the game have changed. It’s no longer enough to eat right and exercise.

Our body’s natural detox systems, especially the liver, are under siege like never before in history, and they’re crying out for your help.

You can hear the cries in your fatigue, digestive problems, allergies and frequent colds, flu and other infections; rashes; various aches, pains and other discomforts; and inability to deal with stress.

At Beyond Health we believe there are only two causes for any kind of disease: deficiency and toxicity.

Although the American public has embraced the need for nutritional supplements (almost 70% of the US population takes them), the notion of supporting our beleaguered detoxification systems has yet to take hold.

When we went into the business almost twenty-five years ago, we tried to sell our multivitamin together with our Cell Detox Formula as a package deal (one for nutrient deficiency, the other for dealing with toxins), but it was a hard sell. Most people just weren’t interested. They loved our multi but passed on the Cell Detox.

Since then, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), a disease that didn’t even have a name until 1980, has become an acknowledged epidemic, claiming 30% of the US population. The percentages increase for type 2 diabetics (70%) and for the morbidly obese (90%). 

It’s well known that alcohol is toxic to the liver and that if you’re an alcoholic you’re going to trash your liver. Now here we have 30% of our population, who are not alcoholics, trashing their insides just by living an average life in the 21st century!

One of these people may be you! NAFLD is a “silent” disease. Unless it becomes quite advanced, it usually has no symptoms other than fatigue, general malaise, or an occasional feeling of fullness or dull pain on the right side of the abdomen just below the rib cage.

And even if you don’t have NAFLD, you can bet that your liver is working overtime.

Cell Detox gives your liver a break. It’s hypoallergenic ingredients provide comprehensive detox support and include lipotropic, substances that help your liver metabolize fats for energy and prevent fatty accumulations in the liver (NAFLD); specific amino acids that support the liver’s many detoxification pathways; ingredients to build the body’s primary antioxidants, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase; and cofactors that help process nutrients into energy.

So don’t just address half of the health equation (deficiency) with a multi; address toxicity as well with Cell Detox. For additional liver support, consider our Liver Care product, and always be sure to take adequate amounts of vitamin C.



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