Health for Families, Homes and Children

With April and May, we progressed on our 2017 Beyond Health Journey to Optimal Health to the topics of healthy homes, healthy families, and healthy children.

We talked about creating an emotionally healthy home, and making your home physically healthy by minimizing toxins, including air and water purification. We also discussed taking time to strengthen family ties and making healthy choices together as a family.

We noted that our nation is doing a poor job of protecting children’s health, which is suffering due to unhealthy diets, toxins, and damage done by the medical system itself.

We gave you our suggestions on child nutrition, advised limiting children’s use of cell phones (and adult use too), and finally told you about new research showing that getting out into nature makes children happier, healthier, and even smarter!

If you have children, their welfare is going to be your top priority.  The best way of keeping your child healthy, apart from protecting them from toxins, is making sure they eat a nutritious diet that supplies plenty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

It’s been estimated that 20% of today’s children and adolescents suffer from psychiatric disorders severe enough to impair their day-to-day function. To develop and function properly, the brain and nervous system require every single vitamin and most minerals. Sub-optimal status and outright deficiency in any one of these can lead to all kinds of mental, emotional and cognitive problems. Yet at least 90% of Americans are deficient in one or more key nutrients.

Childhood obesity is epidemic, setting up too many of our children for a lifetime of chronic disease. A recent study found that normal levels of vitamins B1, B2, B12 and folate were associated with lower weight in children, and that these nutrients may be important in preventing obesity.

While a nutritious diet is indispensable to good nutrition, at Beyond Health we believe strongly that it’s not enough. Children don’t always eat the nutritious meals you prepare, and even if they do, food alone is no longer nutritious enough to meet all of their needs.  Every man, woman and child would do best to take a daily multi.

In May, we introduced our new Beyond Health Kid’s Mega Multi, made according to the same high standards of purity and bio-availability used in our adult multi, but formulated for a child’s unique nutritional needs.

Most children’s multivitamins are barely effective, and any benefit they provide is counteracted by the sugar and toxic coloring’s and additives they contain.

Our kids’ multi has a sweet taste most kids love, but we never use refined sugars or artificial sweeteners—just pure, potent nutrients in forms that the body can readily use to boost your child’s energy, brain power, and healthy zest for life. 



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