Bring Wellness into Your Life!

It’s a New Year, fresh and filled with possibility!

At Beyond Health, we’re not about punitive New Year’s resolutions, but about having what Oprah calls our “best possible life,” filled with nutritious AND delicious foods; intelligent choices that avoid toxins; exercising and being outdoors in enjoyable ways that challenge and invigorate us; deep and meaningful relationships that nourish us; work that fulfills us; and adequate time for rest and renewal—in short, we want to get better and better at “doing life” so that our lives are as full, rich and happy as possible.

Our theme for 2018 is “Bring wellness into your life.” 

Imagine a glass of water contaminated with a foul blob.  You can try to eradicate it or fish it out, but another approach is to keep filling the glass with fresh, pure water until the contamination rises to the surface and floats away. In a similar way, the more you can bring healthy choices into your life, the less room there is for disease, which, in our experience, often simply disappears on its own.

A great way to bring wellness into your life is owning and caring for a pet, which science has shown confers many emotional and physical benefits; and in this first month of 2018, we are honoring our pets, especially cats and dogs.  We’ll start with what your pets do for you, and then talk about how we can return the favor and give them their best possible life.

This month we’re also introducing our very first human-quality pet vitamins. Carefully researched and well over a year in development, we believe these are the best pet vitamins on the market. Made with the same care and superior-quality ingredients we use in our human multi, Beyond Health Pet Multi Chews come in two sizes—Small Pets (cats and small dogs under 30 pounds) and Large Pets (30 pounds and over.) They are fish and liver-flavored, making them delicious as well as nutritious.

Our pets face the same kinds of nutritional problems we do: less fresh, nutrient-dense foods available, and more environmental toxins requiring extra nutrients to support detox pathways.  And yet most pet food is a disgrace—the animal equivalent of human fast food and worse—and even the better pet foods aren’t adequate for today’s needs. This is why, just like us, pets need vitamin supplementation, but when we researched pet vitamins, we were shocked to see some of the worst junk we have ever seen—far worse than the junk vitamins being sold to humans. The result? Our pets have the same kinds of degenerative diseases we do: cancer, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and more.

Eighty years ago, when scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgi was awarded the Nobel Prize for his exploration of vitamin C as an anti-oxidant, he said “Vitamins, if properly understood and applied, will help us reduce human suffering to an extent which the most fantastic mind would fail to imagine.”

Thanks to Szent-Gyorgi and other pioneering scientists, we now have the science to vastly improve human health with the right kind of supplements. Because the “right kind of supplements” are rarely made due to both ignorance and high costs, it has been our mission at Beyond Health to realize Szent-Gyorgi’s dream by offering properly formulated, superior-quality supplements truly capable of alleviating human suffering.  We are very happy to now be able to include pets in this mission!

Now bring some wellness into your life!



Hemila H. Vitamin C: The state of the art in disease prevention sixty years after the Nobel Prize. 1998:73-85.

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